Who is Nicholas Bique?

My Name is Nicholas Bique, I am attending Florida State University as a freshman. I am currently Campus Coordinator for CRNC Action.

I currently have a YouTube show call the “The Bique Factor” which I started on Edward W. Bok Academy’s Tv Production “The Knightly News” in 2011. On my show I encourage young teens to discuss their thoughts on the responsibilities of the next generation of Americans and discusses issues of the day.

I was the Co-Chairman of the Polk County Chapter of Florida Teenage Republicans. During the summer of 2012, I volunteered 100 hours of my vacation at the local Republican Office. I was appointed Political Director for the Florida Federation of Teenage Republicans during the 2012-13 session, I spent countless hours making calls to club chairmen and their club membership about the convention and what we had to offer in terms of programming there. I went on the Marshall Polston Radio Show to spout off about the Federation and the stances we took on the issues of the day.

I worked with Representative Mike La Rosa of Osceola County during March of 2013 in Tallahassee as a Messenger for a week. In the fall of 2013, our club went sign waving with our College counterparts for then Mayoral Candidate Howard Wiggs in Lakeland. In February of 2014, I went to Pinellas County and took to the streets, going door to door for David Jolly and helped keep Alex Sink out of Congress. It was canvassing on a Jolly’s congressional campaign I learned the great influence I could have on voters through communication alone. Just as I had for the past two-dozen doors, I knocked, introduced myself, and began to explain why she should vote Tuesday and why that vote should be for my candidate. She was disenchanted with the political system. As I had explained to every single person I had bothered on that quiet Saturday morning, her vote was crucial to the survival of the republic, if every person who contested that their vote doesn’t count, educated themselves and encouraged their friends and family to do so, we’d live in a much better country for her young daughter, who had been by her side. She ended up supporting my candidate

I regularly volunteered at the Rick Scott Winter Haven Victory Center durning 2014 where the primary purpose for the facility was to act as a hub for volunteers to receive walk books to make voter contacts. I committed 256 hours of my time to the campaign. 

My election to Congressional Classroom allowed me to take my years of simmering political passion and put it to practical use. A group of fifteen students were selected by their schools and community leaders to go to our nation’s Capitol; meet with congressmen, staffers, lobbyists, judges, and the people on the front lines of national security; all while getting a first had experience to draft, debate, and vote on mock legislation. For me, it was an eye opening experience that put my personal ideology to the test of reality. While being an ardent advocate for the second amendment, several arguments made for universal background checks for guns appeared to be common sense for me in the midst of elevated gun violence. And after talking with congressmen and their aids, I came to the conclusion that the real solution to career politicians are and engaged citizenry—not term limits. Congress has a great deal to benefit from when it’s members are experts on domestic and foreign policy which comes only from experience.

I proudly served as the Vice President of the HSA NHS. I’m a graduate of Harrison School for the Visual and Performing Arts Class of 2016

In my spare time, I enjoy making conversation with veterans and I helped take care of my father, Robert Bique II, who  battled a rare soft tissue cancer, which was responsible for the amputation of his right leg (below the knee) and in his right lung, from October of 2010 to August of 2016. My mother, Maria, who came to America from the Philippine Islands when she married my father in 1996.

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2 thoughts on “Who is Nicholas Bique?

  1. I am a little biased but still very proud of You Nick. You don’t let peer pressure dictate your thoughts. You show a maturity level way beyond your years. Keep following God and your heart. Love you bunches!

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