A President’s Folly

I took issue with some of the President’s remarks last night. Well first I will mark my support with his last phase,”Freedom is more powerful than Fear.” Channeling a little FDR on the eve of the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

My first question: Why was he not sitting behind his desk? Every President before him has shown their seriousness by sitting behind the Resolute Desk. Note: Resolute. 

Second Question: Why will he not call ISIS/ISIL for what it is? Radical Islamic Terrorism. We can all agree that this is a perversion of Islam that all decent Muslims reject. But we must call it for what it is. The time for political correctness ended a long time ago. And with the bloodshed in France and California, it’s past time to get serious about defeating ISIS/ISIL or as the President previously referred to it: the JV Team. 

Last question: Why must he politicize every death with Gun Control? Most gun violence is committed by those who have no criminal background—nothing a background check would’ve picked up. Instead, we must encourage every citizen to protect themselves, become educated on how to properly handle arms, how to prevent crimes, to inform the proper authorities if someone shows distressing mental issues or showing signs of radicalization. 

I want to add I agree with his remarks about Muslim-Americans. We are not at war with Islam, just as President Bush made clear days after the Attacks on September 11th, 2001. We are at war with Radical Islamic Jihadist, those who wish to kill nonbelievers. But we are not out to start targeting Muslims the way FDR and the Democrats dehumanized Asian-Americans after Pearl Harbor. Although we must not be afraid to speak out when we see any suspicious activity of any kind as the neighbor of the San Bernardino terrorist had failed to do. We must not be silent in the pursuit of keeping the public safe.  

We must reject this notion that the Middle East is to be a dumping ground for violence, that there is no hope for peace in the Middle East. There can be peace.  But it must be peace on our terms. Peace means every child, every girl, gets an education. Peace means Christians, Jews, and Muslims can worship in harmony. Peace means the People can choose the type of government they have. It will take a statesman of the highest degree to achieve this. 

We need another Eisenhower, another Kennedy, or another Reagan. Someone who will clearly identify the enemy and who will have a firm resolve to confront it head on. President Reagan did this, even when the media and democrats where aghast when he called Russia “the Evil Empire.” He understood how we must preserve freedom. At any cost, at any expense, and by any means. 

And as we remember Pearl Harbor, we must remember our resolve after that horrible attack. We must defeat this enemy that abhors everything we stand for. Now just as then, there are those who wish to take away the freedoms we know are given to us by our Creator. Yet when our security is at risk, we cannot jump to limit liberty or else the enemy has won. Those who wish to harm us would rather see us self-destruct rather than send their people to die, although they’ll do it without hesitation. 

The next President will be tasked with putting the nail in the coffin of ISIS/ISIL. We will not win this war with ISIS/ISIL if we do not declare it and treat it as a war. In the wake of Paris, the fear grew that it would come here. It’s here. It’s been here. The Next Preisdent must prepare for a fight that we cannot afford to lose.

 Because we will not survive this appeasement. Appeasement is not peace. Appeasement is a form of surrender and surrender is no form of peace.


It’s Time to #DumpTrump

Dear Donald Trump,

You’re no Ronald Reagan. 

Since June, your divisive rhetoric has only hurt our party and has turned off prospective members. Your crude and rude demeanor is not “tough.” It is unbecoming of anyone, not just public servents. Anyone. Period. 

You are not God’s gift to mankind. That would be Jesus Christ. To paraphrase Llyod Benstein: I know Jesus Christ, he’s my personal Lord and savior. He died for my sins. You sir are not Jesus Christ. 

So don’t compare yourself to President Reagan. Ronald Reagan was a man with a big heart and a warm vision of America. Our America. Your America is cold, cynical and cruel. 

The GOP Establishment does not hate you because you upset their status quo. They hate you because you “do not speak for the rest of us,” as Then-Actor Ronald Reagan said in his 1964 Time for Choosing Speech. The issues that confront us require the temper Theodore Roosevelt described, “speak softly and carry a big stick.” 

You sir, have a boastful and fiery tongue which Proverbs tells us: “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. The tongue of the wise makes knowledge acceptable, but the mouth of fools spouts folly.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭15:1-2‬ ‭NASB‬‬

As for this refugee crisis, which to the fault of the President for not standing with the Syrian people and letting his word be but dust in the wind, we must open our arms to those we can vet and verify. The anti-Semites of The Franklin Roosevelt administration turned their backs to the Jewish people when they sought refuge. Our government stood on the wrong side of history—we must not make the same mistake now. 

 We as Americans have an obligation to stand with those huddled masses who yearn to breathe free. For we were once “strangers in a strange new place,” for we were once “poor wayfaring strangers.” We must never forget those freedom men who battled oceans to get here for religious liberty and those who waited days and days to catch a glimpse of that woman standing in the distance, lifting her torch; lighting their way to freedom, to peace, and to new life. We must open our hearts to all willing to work and contribute to this experiment.

We are Americans. There will never be any issue nor any person so divisive that this union cannot stand. To take inspiration from President Jefferson, we are all Republicans, we are all Democrats. We share the same principles that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

And it’s safe to say, our effort to dump you is a bipartisan effort. Your campaign’s days are numbered until your poll numbers tank. You can drop out in disgrace and then the Republican Party can nominate someone we all can respect. 

In short: We’re breaking up with you. And it’s not us, it’s you.  


Nicholas Bique

P.S. (added 10/08/2016)

 Mr. Trump you have received the Nomination of the Republican Party for President of the United States. You have ruined almost all of your chances at becoming the next President. Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United Statesbecause  you lack a moral spine and clearly have no qualms with saying what ever you please because of your socioeconomic status. When you’re own wife and running mate refuse to defend your comments, you truly have a problem. But that’s not you’re only problem: senior members of your party have recinded their endorsement of you. Let that sink in, members who the public respect and admire want nothing to do with you. 

Why I support Dr. Carson for President

The Presidential Election of 2016 is close and the Presidential Primaries are even closer. As a nation, a myriad of problems face our future generations: the debt, the stability of society, the integrity of our military, regaining the trust of our nation’s allies, placing fear back into the hearts of our adversaries, and eradicating Racial Islamic Terrorism. 

Choosing the right candidate will be the responsibility of every dutiful, engaged, and patriotic American. I’ve made my choice. I believe that not only can Dr. Benjamin Carson secure the Republican Nomination, but the Presidency as well.

I’d like to ask you, the reader, some questions:

Do you trust politicians?

(Naturally, no)

Do you trust your doctor?


What’s the difference between a lawyer and a doctor?

A lawyer’s primary goal is winning over the jury, even if their client murderd a dozen women and children in cold blood. 

A doctor, brain surgeon in Dr. Carson’s case, is given a situation in which the primary objective is solving the problem. Saving the patient. Any monetary gain or social acclaim is merely a bonus for saving a life. 

Dr. Carson has been a servant to his fellow man in one of the most remarkable capacities. 

A President is just as much a moral leader as he or she is a military leader. During the 1970’s, the American people were told they were in a malaise—our best years were behind us. The Generation that stormed the beaches of Normandy and revived the hope of freedom for free people all around the world were to believe they could not over come a “crisis of confidence.”

And along came a former movie star from the West. A poor boy from Dixon, Illinois who rose above the strife of the Great Depression as a sports caster. 

Today, a former neurosurgeon from the ruins of Detriot, Michigan who, in a single parent household, took charge of his education and overcame the certainty of poverty to become the utmost authority on pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

We need more than just experience in the Oval Office, General Washington did not spend his whole career in the House of Burgesses nor did Abraham Lincoln in Congress. Life experience matters. Life experience builds character. This White House desperately needs a man or woman with character. We need a President who say what he means and means what he says. 

That is why we now have a Syrian refuge crisis on our hands. 

Dr. Carson has a wealth of life experience that has made him a levelheaded, calm, clear, reserved, and precise leader. As a surgeon, every decision he makes on the operating table is imperative to the success of the operation. The same holds true to executive work. When it comes time for military action, Dr. Carson will have the most experienced voices in Defense, Security, and Intelligence to brief him and allow him to make a well thought out decision. If there’s anyone who can process information and act on an educated understanding of a subject it’s Dr. Ben Carson. 

The Case for America

We are told that our country is too strong. We are told that our freedoms are indispensable and subjective to the whims of the loud minority. We tell ourselves that this is the way it is. That’s it. Theres no way to turn back the clocks and undo the wrongs. The mistakes.

We forget we are a Representative Democracy. We forget that if we are educated and proactive in the well being of our nation, that we can bring about meaningful change.

I’m one of the few teenagers who gave their volunteer time to state and local political campaigns. 256 volunteer hours confirmed and logged, probably leaving out a few minutes here and there.

Why did I spend my summer going door to door, talking to voters, hearing what the people had to say, getting out the vote, and getting them the tools they needed to participate in our democracy?

Although it wasn’t as exciting as it seems on paper, I gave my time and efforts to this cause of representative democracy because I was raised with a deep sense of pride in my country and engrained with a deeper sense of civic duty from my father and his father, both having served respectively in the Air Force and Navy.

So, I’ve got a stake in the game. In politics. It hits me at home because my father has stage four synovial sarcoma that developed in his foot and then metastasized into his lung. Furthermore, he goes to the VA and Moffit to receive medical treatments.

Floridan Governor Rick Scott is a champion of Cancer Research and honors our Veterans who served our nation and deserve utmost thanks and gratitude from those of us who have not served our countrymen in such a capacity.

When we vote, it must not be based on this week’s fad, but based upon our goals for the next ten years. We don’t save money in order to spend it away tomorrow. We save today for our needs next week; next month; next year.

It is with such diligence and stewardship that our countrymen should vote and participate. For it is often said, “Those who chose not to vote, choose not to have a voice.” No words could be more true.

In the age of partisan media, if you can say there wasn’t partisan before now – In the culture of partisan media that has endured as long as the republic itself, we are told that our only choice is simple. Left or Right.

Friends, I would suggest too, like then actor Ronald Reagan in 1964, we we have a different choice. Up or down. Liberty or death. Economic freedom or slavery to the welfare state. It’s that simple.

We can find the remedies to our social problems without the hand of big government and we can do it even more effectively. We need to be our own brother’s keeper, like the members of my family, my church, and my community have been to my father and our family. 

Our country is waiting—no, thirsting for a revival but we must act on this now. We must open up our hearts and look to our fellow countrymen instead of big government.

I believe in America and I believe in the resilience of her people. When we set our minds to great causes there’s simply no stopping us because there is no cause greater than our cause: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

War of 2016

With the recent announc…facebook post from Jeb Bush, many are wondering just how intense this GOP Primary will get. Nothing will ever be as ridiculous as 2012 and nothing as heated as 1976. But with much speculation that Former. Mass. Governor Mitt Romney, 2012 Republican Presidential Nominee, is reinventing himself and is planning third run (much like a certain Ronald Reagan in 68, 76, 80) and second nomination (like then Vice President Nixon in 60 and 68), a primary between candidates who align across the conservative spectrum will be one historians and news commentators will talk about for years to come.


Members of the Tea Party make the case that Republican “moderates” can’t win the Presidency, using Fmr. Sen. Bob Dole in 1996, Sen. John McCain in 2008, and Gov. Mitt Romney in 2012 as their proof.

More so, conservatives have had a difficult time earning respect among “establishment” republicans. The Party has often had two distinctive sects, as of now it is know as the “Establishment” and the “Tea Party” but in the times of Governor Nelson Rockefeller, Governor Ronald Reagan, Senator Barry Goldwater, and Vice President Richard Nixon, it was known as the “Conservative” (Traditionalist) and “Liberal” Wings (Rockefeller Republicans) of the party. Men like Michigan Governor and Father to 2012 nominee and 2016 likely, George Romney were apart of the Liberal Wing and men like the actor turned citizen politician and then Governor of California, Ronald Reagan was a rising warrior for the Conservative Wing’s crusade to take back the party.

Presidential hopefuls like Senators Rand Paul, son of former Congressman Ron Paul, and Ted Cruz are the product of a strong libertarian/fiscal conservative movement within the party in 2010 aka the “Taxed Enough Already” Party – TEA Party. Libertarians have been making their voices known and have hurt Republican and Democrats alike in elections that cane down to just a few points. the section of the party, or third head if you will, will only grow stronger as 2016 grows nearer.

The War To Come

note: as of January 18th, 2015 there are no major official candidates for either party nomination

The Republican Primary for the 2016 Presidential Nomination will most likely spill blood because these party divide will be stronger than ever, with the likes of Governors Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush going up against Senators Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Governors Bobby Jindal (Louisiana), Brian Sandoval (Nevada), Mike Pence (Indiana), Scott Walker (Wisconsin) and the lone Doctor Ben Carson.

2016 will be the year where Moderate Republicans and Conservative Republicans will clash in a way the Party hasn’t seen since 1976 when California Governor Ronald Reagan primaried then sitting President Gerald Ford.

So many Americans are ready for fresh leadership, and both parties seem to only have old dogs to run. Sarah Palin recently beckoned the question “Is Hillary a new Democrat, or an old one?” A good question. Is Jeb Bush a Conservative Republican or a Rockefeller Republican?

Is there anyone else out there? Who can win? Can we win?

In the upcoming weeks you will see profiles on the men mentioned and the issues at hand building up to the first Presidential Primary as a part of the “War of 2016” series

Rand Wilkinson: Does He Ever Stop Campaigning?

In 1998, Polk County School Board Memeber, Randy Wilkinson abruptly resigned to seek state office – and since, has ran for every office under the sun – then after a crushing loss in 2010 for Congress as a Third Party Candidate he’s crawling back to the ballot for School Board once again, right where he started.

Over the years he has been identified as a far “right-winger” who wanted to implement corporeal punishment in Polk Middle Schools and has been a Luke warm supporter of Chartered Schools, calling them a “necessary evil” as a result of Public School Failures.

What should Wilkinson say to Deborah Wright? She is currently on the Board. Her husband, prior to his death, was one of the key founders of the Lake Wales Chartered School System which a been has shinning example of the merits to charted schooling.

In a recent interview with Business Voice , Wilkinson called himself a “Very Conservative Liberal.”
What in the world?

Can we trust him?

His behavior leads the Factor to say NO.

•Wilkinson was ARRESTED for assaulting his wife. (2002)
•Wilkinson was ARRESTED for driving under the influence. (2006)

With regard to the DUI, this wasn’t the first time his ability to handle a motor-vehicle had come into question along with his abuse of county vehicles in his reckless “need for speed.”

Attention like this certainly would make a parent shiver if they knew he took a part in the school system.

In 2010, Wilkinson threatened to sabotage fellow conservative Dennis Ross’ election against Democrat Lori Edwards as a “TEA Party” candidate. So, such efforts were made by Newt Gingrich to prevent Wilkinson from splitting the conservative vote and handing a victory to a liberal who would’ve lost in regular R vs D conditions. In the end, only garnering 11% of the vote with a sweeping lose to Ross’ 48% percent.

In Conclusion,
during Randy Wilkinson’s time as a public servant, he has carried himself in an inexcusable way that is not worthy of trust or respect. With that said, he is not fit to hold any form of elected office. And as a School Board Member, he will be an enemy to Charter Schools which preform exceedingly well in Polk and specifically in the Lake Wales Area. I, Nicholas Bique, implore to you, my loyal readers, that you defend the dignity of the institution of education and democracy and keep Wilkinson OFF the school board on August 26th and vote for Hazel Sellers.

Saira Blair: 17 Year Old Politician

Ms. Blair of West Virgina is making waves around the country as she defeats Republican Incumbent in House Primary just in time before High School Graduation.


Who is Saira Blair?

She’s a Senior at Hedgesville High School and President of the Key Club. Her Father, Craig, is an Electrician, Current State Senator and formally held the district seat in which his daughter is currently seeking.

How’d she win?

For starters, she went door to door, put ads in the paper and sent out hand written notes. She got her friends and fellow classmates involved with her classmates and encourage voting age students in her community to make their voices heard. Not to mention she out spent her opponent 2:1.

Ms. Blair is on the path to become the youngest Delegate in state history- seeing as her district is favorably Republican. Heck, even her Democratic opponent, Layne Diehl, is impressed with her passion for Civic Service at her tender age.

“There are too many young people who aren’t paying attention to what’s going on,” adds Denny Hedges, who works in auto sales in Hedgesville and supported Blair. “She evidently has the right views because she defeated an incumbent, so people are definitely ready for a change.”

What’s Bique got to say about all of this?

It’s people like Saira Blair that give me hope for my party and our country. Too many teens my age are blinded by the small realm of campus life that the turn a blind eye to our ever changing world. A world that demands their attention because it is one of uncertainty.

Across the seas, the sovereignty of countries are being infringed – religious persecution is rampant. At home our health care system is in shambles – our boarders are unprotected – our children: unprepared for adult life as they are made slaves to the state under loan debt and the job market isn’t prepared for them, seeing how many people two, three or four times their age are desperately seeking work to the bills.

Ms. Blair is a beacon of hope for everyone because she is being the change she wants to see in the world. We should all take note. It’s not very often that we get to see a young person take charge of their community’s future. And for Teenage Republicans around the country – she serves as proof that the work they do is not in vain. The ridicule they might face at school won’t compare with sense of accomplishment in protecting the Principles of the Silent Majority. Of they right.

Ms. Blair had this to say about the youth of her generation:

“It’s wonderful that my generation is learning they don’t have to be 40, 50 or 60 to realize these conservative values benefit them.”

Update Sunday, May 18th
Last Night, Ms. Blair was kind enough to read our article about her via Instagram and reached out to us to express her appreciation saying this:

“Thank you for the wonderful piece you wrote, I can’t begin to explain how much all of the support means to me! I wish you and every fellow young republican the best in all your endeavors!”


A special thank you to Saira for visiting our blog and the best of luck to her in November.

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