A President’s Folly

I took issue with some of the President’s remarks last night. Well first I will mark my support with his last phase,”Freedom is more powerful than Fear.” Channeling a little FDR on the eve of the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

My first question: Why was he not sitting behind his desk? Every President before him has shown their seriousness by sitting behind the Resolute Desk. Note: Resolute. 

Second Question: Why will he not call ISIS/ISIL for what it is? Radical Islamic Terrorism. We can all agree that this is a perversion of Islam that all decent Muslims reject. But we must call it for what it is. The time for political correctness ended a long time ago. And with the bloodshed in France and California, it’s past time to get serious about defeating ISIS/ISIL or as the President previously referred to it: the JV Team. 

Last question: Why must he politicize every death with Gun Control? Most gun violence is committed by those who have no criminal background—nothing a background check would’ve picked up. Instead, we must encourage every citizen to protect themselves, become educated on how to properly handle arms, how to prevent crimes, to inform the proper authorities if someone shows distressing mental issues or showing signs of radicalization. 

I want to add I agree with his remarks about Muslim-Americans. We are not at war with Islam, just as President Bush made clear days after the Attacks on September 11th, 2001. We are at war with Radical Islamic Jihadist, those who wish to kill nonbelievers. But we are not out to start targeting Muslims the way FDR and the Democrats dehumanized Asian-Americans after Pearl Harbor. Although we must not be afraid to speak out when we see any suspicious activity of any kind as the neighbor of the San Bernardino terrorist had failed to do. We must not be silent in the pursuit of keeping the public safe.  

We must reject this notion that the Middle East is to be a dumping ground for violence, that there is no hope for peace in the Middle East. There can be peace.  But it must be peace on our terms. Peace means every child, every girl, gets an education. Peace means Christians, Jews, and Muslims can worship in harmony. Peace means the People can choose the type of government they have. It will take a statesman of the highest degree to achieve this. 

We need another Eisenhower, another Kennedy, or another Reagan. Someone who will clearly identify the enemy and who will have a firm resolve to confront it head on. President Reagan did this, even when the media and democrats where aghast when he called Russia “the Evil Empire.” He understood how we must preserve freedom. At any cost, at any expense, and by any means. 

And as we remember Pearl Harbor, we must remember our resolve after that horrible attack. We must defeat this enemy that abhors everything we stand for. Now just as then, there are those who wish to take away the freedoms we know are given to us by our Creator. Yet when our security is at risk, we cannot jump to limit liberty or else the enemy has won. Those who wish to harm us would rather see us self-destruct rather than send their people to die, although they’ll do it without hesitation. 

The next President will be tasked with putting the nail in the coffin of ISIS/ISIL. We will not win this war with ISIS/ISIL if we do not declare it and treat it as a war. In the wake of Paris, the fear grew that it would come here. It’s here. It’s been here. The Next Preisdent must prepare for a fight that we cannot afford to lose.

 Because we will not survive this appeasement. Appeasement is not peace. Appeasement is a form of surrender and surrender is no form of peace.


It’s Time to #DumpTrump

Dear Donald Trump,

You’re no Ronald Reagan. 

Since June, your divisive rhetoric has only hurt our party and has turned off prospective members. Your crude and rude demeanor is not “tough.” It is unbecoming of anyone, not just public servents. Anyone. Period. 

You are not God’s gift to mankind. That would be Jesus Christ. To paraphrase Llyod Benstein: I know Jesus Christ, he’s my personal Lord and savior. He died for my sins. You sir are not Jesus Christ. 

So don’t compare yourself to President Reagan. Ronald Reagan was a man with a big heart and a warm vision of America. Our America. Your America is cold, cynical and cruel. 

The GOP Establishment does not hate you because you upset their status quo. They hate you because you “do not speak for the rest of us,” as Then-Actor Ronald Reagan said in his 1964 Time for Choosing Speech. The issues that confront us require the temper Theodore Roosevelt described, “speak softly and carry a big stick.” 

You sir, have a boastful and fiery tongue which Proverbs tells us: “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. The tongue of the wise makes knowledge acceptable, but the mouth of fools spouts folly.” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭15:1-2‬ ‭NASB‬‬

As for this refugee crisis, which to the fault of the President for not standing with the Syrian people and letting his word be but dust in the wind, we must open our arms to those we can vet and verify. The anti-Semites of The Franklin Roosevelt administration turned their backs to the Jewish people when they sought refuge. Our government stood on the wrong side of history—we must not make the same mistake now. 

 We as Americans have an obligation to stand with those huddled masses who yearn to breathe free. For we were once “strangers in a strange new place,” for we were once “poor wayfaring strangers.” We must never forget those freedom men who battled oceans to get here for religious liberty and those who waited days and days to catch a glimpse of that woman standing in the distance, lifting her torch; lighting their way to freedom, to peace, and to new life. We must open our hearts to all willing to work and contribute to this experiment.

We are Americans. There will never be any issue nor any person so divisive that this union cannot stand. To take inspiration from President Jefferson, we are all Republicans, we are all Democrats. We share the same principles that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

And it’s safe to say, our effort to dump you is a bipartisan effort. Your campaign’s days are numbered until your poll numbers tank. You can drop out in disgrace and then the Republican Party can nominate someone we all can respect. 

In short: We’re breaking up with you. And it’s not us, it’s you.  


Nicholas Bique

P.S. (added 10/08/2016)

 Mr. Trump you have received the Nomination of the Republican Party for President of the United States. You have ruined almost all of your chances at becoming the next President. Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United Statesbecause  you lack a moral spine and clearly have no qualms with saying what ever you please because of your socioeconomic status. When you’re own wife and running mate refuse to defend your comments, you truly have a problem. But that’s not you’re only problem: senior members of your party have recinded their endorsement of you. Let that sink in, members who the public respect and admire want nothing to do with you. 

One teen’s take on our economy

This was not written by me*. It was originally a Facebook post and the author agreed to let me post it.
*note links were added to enhance reader experience

“Status Quo is Latin for “the mess we’re in”
By Hannah Kavelak

So… information was released stating the economy contracted by 1%, but apparently it’s “no big deal.” Ridiculous.

If our economy is so weak that bad weather can make it spiral down, then there’s a big problem. However, severe winter is not all to blame.
I found it notable to add that with the implementation of the healthcare law, ObamaCare, the economy shrank. Of course it would. When people’s insurance bills become higher and more expensive than they were before to pay for those who don’t have to pay, less money is going to be spent on consumer goods.

This is (as monthly reports have come in stating consumer spending is down) catastrophic to the economy, since 2/3 of the economy is supported by consumer spending.

The continuation and further redistribution of wealth also prohibits growth. A lack of an incentive to work lingers, because people can choose to live off of welfare rather than work.

I’ve probably said this before**, but it’s worth saying again:

1. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity.
2. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.
3. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.
4. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it!
5. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that is the beginning of the end of any nation.
Daniel J. Mitchell**

So how to fix it?

Of course, the big thing is to cut spending drastically. However, that can’t be done overnight; a quick reduction of trillions of dollars swiftly would be so shocking to the fragile economy, there would probably be another recession. Like with someone addicted to some drug or medication, it has to be reduced gradually, less they experience withdraw or shock.
Repeal the Healthcare law. It benefits the minority by hurting the majority. Also, the continuing centralization of government control over many things in our lives is incredibly dangerous.

All it takes is a corrupt leader (not exactly a tyrant, or dictator, but someone corrupted) to make one move, and in the blink of an eye, affect all 320 million of us negatively. Rights can be reduced, bills can be hiked, freedoms can be taken away with the manipulative words of one person.
Reduction in taxes for all (A dream!). If government spending ever gets under control, reducing taxes for every class would be beneficial. If citizens have more money in their pockets instead of giving it to government, it can be spent on consumer goods and boost consumer spending, thus bringing up the economy greatly. (As stated before, those 2/3!)

Bring back jobs here. Re-shore. Make it more attractive to businessmen to keep their companies here rather than in poorer countries overseas.
Energy independence. Why not have the Keystone Pipeline? Fracking is booming currently; keep it up. Using our own resources means we won’t have to buy it from other countries.

Complete overhaul of the welfare system. An outstanding number of people living off of food stamps and taxpayer money is never good for any country. It creates dependency and reduces revenue. Make it more difficult to get on welfare.

A Memorial Day Reflection

For almost 238 years, America has enjoyed liberty and freedom but not without a price.

The problem with those numbers are that they can’t express the tears of broken families. Sons without fathers. Daughters without mothers. Grandfathers who can never tell their stories and Grandmothers who can’t show her grand kids the uniform she served in. Numbers can only paint you a very small picture of the horrors of war, of what is necessary to preserve the union. But it can’t show you the bonds made, the laughs shared, of the boot camp days or the days on leave in a foreign country for the weekend. The military men and women who came before us knew that it takes the best and brightest to protect the ideals, values and virtues this nation was founded upon.

Today on Memorial Day, we’ve failed those men and women.
•Our finances are far out of hand.
•Veterans are dying waiting for medical care.
•Students are being denied a proper primary education.
•Their government is spying on its citizens.

We have let them down.
Such a young nation with such potential. Our best days can be still in the horizons if we make a conscious effort as a nation to perfect this union together. We owe everything to those who gave everything.

Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same. -Ronald Reagan

With the same optimism as Reagan we can go forward an tackle our problems head on. United We Stand. Divided We Fall. We need to turn to leaders before us to solve the problems we face today. To the men and women who believed that America was a City on the Shinning Hill.

Right Now in Politics: US < Syria?

Without a doubt there are atrocities going on. All over the world are there tyrants in Government who wish to oppress their people. Like in Syria, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and so forth.

The question has always aroused “What is America’s place?”

The freest country in the world should bring freedom and democracy to all, right?

Well, not necessarily as America is faced with a $16 Trillion Dollar Debt, and 63.2% of Americans are actually participating in the work force.

What’s this Participation Rate?

From Entrepreneur.com

“The labor-force participation rate, tracks the percentage of working-age Americans who are actually employed or looking.”

When was the last time we saw such staggeringly low numbers?

August of 1978.
Who was the President during this time?

This numskull!

Then you have the National Average Gas Price at about $3.60

America’s ranking in Education is slipping all the way to 17th place in the world as of 2012.

We now know ObamaCare is a “Train wreck!”

Not to mention come October they will have to battle the Debt Ceiling aka “Kicking the can down the road.”

So it’s clear that politicians have a lot of work to do at home.

What do you think?

Let us know in the comments and you can email me at thebiquefactor@gmail.com

Barack Obama’s Rose Garden Speech Analyzed


Did you watch the President’s announcement?

He started out addressing the public’s shocking reaction of the Chemical weapons attack in Syria, as if somehow he forgot about the Americans killed in Benghazi…

Then he refers to the Secretary of State, John Kerry, laying out, what the Washington Post has called a “Forceful Case” that the Assad Regime is undeniably responsible for attacking its own people with Chemcal Weapons.

“After a decade of conflict, the American people are tired of war. Believe me, I am too. But fatigue does not absolve us of our responsibility…. history would judge us all extraordinarily harshly if we turned a blind eye to a dictator’s wanton use of weapons of mass destruction against all warnings.”

~ Secretary of State, John Kerry

The President then goes on to mention “horrible images of the dead.”

I hate to be a brute, but does anyone remember Ambassador Stevens?


Let me skip a few more insensitive comments to the meat and bones of his statements.

He then makes a somewhat strong statement, somewhat is the key word here..

“the United States Military should take action.”
President Obama

Not “the United States Military WILL take action.”
He gives us this wimpy “should”..
This is so indecisive.

Now here is where Rand Paul gets all jumpy to attack the President.

Mr. Paul clams the President wants to go to war.

No where in his speech does he declare war or does he mention sending troops, in fact… He specifically states he will NOT be sending troops into combat.

This doesn’t let the President off the hook though. Not one bit.

Over a year ago he said this

“We have been very clear to the (Bashar Assad) regime, but also to other players on the ground, that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. That would change my calculus. That would change my equation.”

And to deter this kind of behavior we have ships armed with missiles ready to attack.

“We are prepared to strike, whenever we choose.”
~ Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to President Obama

So why didn’t we do it the moment we had that capacity?

The world needs to know when the President speaks on behalf of the People, he means business and he’s a man of his word.

The fact he’s waited so long shows how unimportant this is to him. And we wouldn’t be in this position if he hasn’t said the two magic words, “Red Line.”

But he did, and he must act upon his word or what does it mean?

Not only can we strike whenever we want, but apparently we can wait as long as we want too!

“our capacity to execute this mission is not time sensitive.”

Really? I’d argue otherwise…

Lets back up a little, shall we?

A leader is using chemical weapons on his citizens killing over 1,000 people and he has the capacity to do it again and somehow this isn’t time sensitive?

But you’re gonna love this

“I will seek authorization.. from congress.”

They don’t return from their vacation for a less than a week! He’s willing to wait this long to take action when he understands the severity of this situation?

Not only that but he wants them to debate and take a vote!

Did he forget he’s talking about congress? I think he did..


I hate forcing hypotheticals on you (but I’m going to do it anyway)

Since we know the Syrian probably have their weapons on the move, away from the bases to secret locations, what if they fall into the wrong hands such as the Muslim Brotherhood or Al-Qaeda? This could seriously threaten our national security as the 12 anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks nears.

Now I understand he wants this decision to be one that is widely supported and that when we make decisions as a nation it makes our resolve stronger. But he doesn’t have to campaign anymore! He was re-elected! He knew when he was reelected he would be faced with tough decisions and he’d have to act. No one ever said it would be easy or popular. And people will always disagree with the President on both sides of the isle. Because since he has been democratically re-elected his decisions are a general reflection of the People’s will.

I’m not saying he shouldn’t have to go to congress. I’m just suggesting that it won’t make his case stronger by waiting a ridiculous amount of time to let congress battle it out.

Then he has the audacity to basically say “ehhh I don’t really need congresses’ approval at the moment, but you know if it makes everyone feel good and takes some heat off of me then it’s a good day in America.”

Ok here’s what he really said

“While I believe I have the authority to carry out this military action without specific congressional authorization, I know that the country will be stronger … and our actions will be even more effective”

That’s NOT how you persuade 535 hardheaded politicians to agree with you.

Especially when many face reelection next year and they’ll have to answer to their constituents why they wanted to intervene in a foreign country’s war when we have:

– Massive Poverty
– Massive Government Dependency
– Failing Education
– Massive Debt
And a recession that shows few signs of ending.

He’s putting over 400 politicians in a very tight spot..

He then says that taking action on such a “Unspeakable Outrage” is “up for debate.”

I feel like he knows this could either lead to war or fail and he doesn’t want to go it alone. He needs to drag congress down with him if it back fires.

Because if he felt that this was so pressing to our interests and to the security of our allies, he would have struck the Syrian Regime in the dead of the night by surprise. He would have sent the message to all our enemies “Neither America or our allies will stand for such unethical behavior. We won’t tolerate it.”
As the old saying goes

“Drastic times call for drastic measures.”

And when the President says there are going to be serious consequences if you do not heed my warning and you defy me, then we have no choice but to give them hell.

I’m 6 minutes into his 10 minute speech and I can’t go on. Really, I think he’s said enough.

He’s not prepared to take the action necessary to fight tyrants who wish to harm people who wish to be free. He’s not willing to take these core American values to heart. He isn’t ready to lead the free world. He’s scared. He’s indecisive. He’s cowering from the course of action that needs to be taken.

And the world has taken that into account.

Did you know in Israel there are hundreds of people lined up to receive gas masks?


They are literally preparing for the worst if America doesn’t pull through.

The President of the United States of America is a coward. Unwilling to act. Unwilling to do what is necessary. Unwilling to keep his word. He lacks the spine and the integrity.

And that’s the memo.

As always feel free to comment below and you can email me at thebiquefactor@gmail.com

Why Syria Matters

As of August 31st, 2013 President Obama wants to take action in Syria.


They crossed the redline.

What’s this red line?

The use of chemical weapons.

What started this Syrian Civil War?

BBC reports:

The trouble began in 2011 in the Syrian city of Deraa.

Locals took to the streets to protest after 15 schoolchildren had been arrested – and reportedly tortured – for writing anti-government graffiti on a wall.

The protests were peaceful to begin with, calling for the kids’ release, democracy and greater freedom for people in the country.

The government responded angrily, and on 18 March, the army opened fire on protesters, killing four people.

The following day, they shot at mourners at the victims’ funerals, killing another person.

People were shocked and angry at what had happened and soon the unrest had spread to other parts of the country.

Who’s fighting?
The Major players in the Opposition as follows
Free Syrian Army
Syrian Islamic Liberation Front (aka the Muslim Brotherhood)

But as you go in depth it doesn’t look to promising..

What’s America’s interest in Syria?
The Deccan Herald reports:

“Still, other analysts point to a positive effect of the unrest: it could deprive Iran of a reliable ally in extending its influence over Lebanon, Hezbollah and the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. That is not a small thing, they said, given that Iran is likely to benefit from the fall of Mubarak in Egypt, the upheaval in Bahrain, and the resulting chill between the United States and Saudi Arabia. “There’s much more upside than downside for the US,” said Martin S Indyk, the vice president for foreign policy at the Brookings Institution. “We have an interest in counterbalancing the advantages Iran has gained in the rest of the region. That makes it an unusual confluence of our values and interests.””

Down Side?
Russia has a been a big critic on the President, with our strained relationship with the former Communist nation where things haven’t changed that much.
Not to mention China and Iran on the side of the Syrian Government.

Then lets say Assad steps down. Who takes over? Most likely the Muslim Brotherhood. And didn’t that go swimmingly in Egypt?

What if our Congress says “No Mr. President, we aren’t risking war, we learned our lesson.”

Lets not forget the elephant in the room, our ally Israel

They’re frightened.. New reports show them passing out gas masks. And allies are slowly pulling away. Will they be left on their own?

What’s the hold back?
The British Parliament voted against taking action in Syria 272-285.

“It is clear to me the British Parliament, reflecting the views of the British people, does not want to see British military action,” Prime Minister David Cameron says.

France is ready to take action but now they are waiting for America to call the shots.

What do two Senators Say at home?

Washington Post reports

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) urged President Obama late Thursday against getting involved militarily in Syria, suggesting that it would be a “big mistake.”
“There are potential repercussions,” Paul said on Fox News Channel. “If he launches this little piddly attack with a few cruise missiles, it won’t stop chemical weapons, but it may well insight a gas attack on Israelis. I think it’s a big mistake.”

Paul said that if military action is undertaken, it should only happen after Congress signs off.
“… We are not excited to get involved in a new war right now,” he said. “And so, I would do everything I can to stop the president. We should not engage in a war, and we certainly shouldn’t engage in it in an unconstitutional fashion.”

Fox News:

“The United States Armed Forces doesn’t exist to be a policeman for the world and I certainly hope the reaction isn’t lobbing some cruise missiles in to disagree with Assad’s murderous actions,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said on Fox News.

What’s Bique got to say?

I admire the President wanting to get congresses approval but he’s got to be prepared for this to fail in the Congress. And then what?

But who are we to standby and allow this to happen to a people who wish to be free. Us too, a long ago the British were shooting and silencing those who crave freedom (Boston Massacre for you American History People)?

Many say America shouldn’t be the “Police Man of the World.”

I ask then who will stand up for Liberty? The UN can’t because of Russia and China. They don’t share our ideas and interests. And Britain has no intentions of stepping up to the plate.

We must Act Now.
The Lives of innocent people and our credibility depend on it.