Saira Blair: 17 Year Old Politician

Ms. Blair of West Virgina is making waves around the country as she defeats Republican Incumbent in House Primary just in time before High School Graduation.


Who is Saira Blair?

She’s a Senior at Hedgesville High School and President of the Key Club. Her Father, Craig, is an Electrician, Current State Senator and formally held the district seat in which his daughter is currently seeking.

How’d she win?

For starters, she went door to door, put ads in the paper and sent out hand written notes. She got her friends and fellow classmates involved with her classmates and encourage voting age students in her community to make their voices heard. Not to mention she out spent her opponent 2:1.

Ms. Blair is on the path to become the youngest Delegate in state history- seeing as her district is favorably Republican. Heck, even her Democratic opponent, Layne Diehl, is impressed with her passion for Civic Service at her tender age.

“There are too many young people who aren’t paying attention to what’s going on,” adds Denny Hedges, who works in auto sales in Hedgesville and supported Blair. “She evidently has the right views because she defeated an incumbent, so people are definitely ready for a change.”

What’s Bique got to say about all of this?

It’s people like Saira Blair that give me hope for my party and our country. Too many teens my age are blinded by the small realm of campus life that the turn a blind eye to our ever changing world. A world that demands their attention because it is one of uncertainty.

Across the seas, the sovereignty of countries are being infringed – religious persecution is rampant. At home our health care system is in shambles – our boarders are unprotected – our children: unprepared for adult life as they are made slaves to the state under loan debt and the job market isn’t prepared for them, seeing how many people two, three or four times their age are desperately seeking work to the bills.

Ms. Blair is a beacon of hope for everyone because she is being the change she wants to see in the world. We should all take note. It’s not very often that we get to see a young person take charge of their community’s future. And for Teenage Republicans around the country – she serves as proof that the work they do is not in vain. The ridicule they might face at school won’t compare with sense of accomplishment in protecting the Principles of the Silent Majority. Of they right.

Ms. Blair had this to say about the youth of her generation:

“It’s wonderful that my generation is learning they don’t have to be 40, 50 or 60 to realize these conservative values benefit them.”

Update Sunday, May 18th
Last Night, Ms. Blair was kind enough to read our article about her via Instagram and reached out to us to express her appreciation saying this:

“Thank you for the wonderful piece you wrote, I can’t begin to explain how much all of the support means to me! I wish you and every fellow young republican the best in all your endeavors!”


A special thank you to Saira for visiting our blog and the best of luck to her in November.

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Transgender Kindergartners??

K-12 “Transgender” students now have access to any bathroom and or locker they choose??


As of 2011 California ranks 47th in the COUNTRY.

So what could possibly be more important than increasing the overall quality of their failing educational system?

Transgender Children.


Before this gets ridiculous, what’s this bill say?

CBS reports:

The new law gives students the right “to participate in sex-segregated programs, activities and facilities” based on their self-perception and regardless of their birth gender.

Does this not seem more politically motivated than to protect students who are confused with their emotional gender.

CBS also Reports:

Karen England, executive director of Capitol Resource Institute, criticized the Legislature and governor for spreading “San Francisco values” throughout the state.

She said the new law does not require students to prove they have a gender-identity issue, but rather requires school administrators to rely on students’ opinions of themselves. England also noted that there is no accurate way to gauge the effect of such policies because no uniform data on student or parent complaints is being collected.

So any guy can just waltz into a girls bath room and vise versa.

I smell a rise in teenage pregnancies, do you?

What else does Bique have to throw in?

In my humble opinion, I believe issues concerning sexual orientation should not be legislated by any government local or federal.

And ESPECIALLY in our children’s education.

It really is forcing the liberal agenda down the throats of our children.

It’s bad enough that we have to fight for said children to see the light of day under radical-feminest.

Hopefully parents in the waning state of California will take a stand against this mindless legislation and pressure the educational system to reform itself and provide a better service to its young students for a brighter future.