Trump/Sanders: The Odd Couple

2016 proved to be the year where an outsider candidate with more partisan views could capture the attention of the voters and steal the limelight from more seasoned and traditional candidates. This was very true of both Billionare, and now President, Donald Trump and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Both managed to tap into the frustrations of the middle aged whites and the youth. They have changed what is expected of a candidate and they types of policies acceptable on a campaign. There has not be such a progressive candidate for the presidency since FDR in the Case of Bernie Sanders, nor such a Bull-Moose since TR in the case of Donald Trump. Trump and Sanders proposed populist ideas such as protecting/expending social safety nets, fair trade, and infrastructure investments. Their anger towards the establishment and the way things are resonated with many Americans who felt the same way and were tired of voting for Clintons and Bushs. But the their more immoderate views such as building a wall on the southern border, and providing free education and health insurance for all, respectively, might take both of their parties further to the left and right, than to the middle like Clinton and Kasich would’ve preferred. In the future, more Trump/Sanders inspired candidates will most likely pop up and state parties will begin litmus tests in their primaries as to who is conservative or liberal enough. While we’ve seen this in primaries and elections before, the result of their candidacies have been felt. In Florida, House Speaker and likely Gubernatorial Candidate, Richard Cocoran, has pushed the house further to the right economically, in effect claiming Republican Governor Rick Scott’s polices aren’t conservative enough. The Democratic Candidates  for Governor, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum and Orlando Businessman Chris King both advocate for raising minimum wage and expanding healthcare access like Sanders. The future of political parties in the United States might get even more polarized, thanks to Uncle Don and Uncle Bern.


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