Happy to be Wrong

Over  year ago I wrote an open letter to Donald Trump, asking him to leave the Republican Presidential Primary. I truly believed at that time he would doom the party to another four years of exile from 1600 Penn. I was wrong. It became very clear he had struck a nerve for millions of Americans and received the most votes of any candidate in the history republican primaries. I was not one of those voters. I am proud of my vote for Senator Marco Rubio. For many months I titter-tottered between casting my vote for Hillary Clinton or Gary Johnson. 

Growing up as a McCain/Romney Republican, my personal views were very broad and represented my exposure to the those in the Tea Party Movement and those in the heart of the establishment. For a period of time it seemed that no candidate would earn my vote. Hillary Clinton, for as much as she wanted to be moderate, has a big blue streak running across the furthest left part of her heart dating back to HillaryCare in the 90’s. Libertarianism is too socially left for a Christian Conservative as myself and too economically right for the gerneral public to embrace because of the welfare state that has ballooned under the former Obama Administration.

So when Governor Johnson failed to make the debates and after listening to Senator Kaine speak his mind at FSU, it became clear to me that it was time to “come home” in November and cast my ballot for Trump. With a conservative like Mike Pence as second in command and the promise of a rightful heir to Justice Scalia on the Court, I got my ticket to board the “Trump Trian” and I am proud of my vote for Donald Trump. 

Millions of Americans believed, as I did, that the Obama Administration and a perspective Clinton Administration did not and would not, respectively, listen to the dissenting side. Hillary Clinton’s campaign alienated the same people who had placed their trust in her husband, from a Clinton Administration that claimed “the era of big government is over” now wanted to usher in a new era of big government. The “Hope and Change” candidate learned that it isn’t easy to change Washington and hope is a worthless currency in politics. While it was clear from the beginning that Donald Trump was not the perfect candidate and despite what anyone might say, there is no such thing. The only candidate an individual will always agree with is themselves. This is the heart of our republic, that average citizens would represent their communities and make our country a more perfect union. 

While President Trump continues to be surrounded by controversy, it is in the midst of sweeping reform. If he is able to follow through on his promises, against all odds, he could be the next LJB. I intend to expound upon this idea in the weeks to come.


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