My Voice: Making a Difference

As a Teenage Republican I’ve been often told by my friends, “What’s the point of being in politics at this age? You can’t even vote, your voice doesn’t even count.” It doesn’t dishearten me. But it allows for a very teachable opportunity. What makes a republic so incredible, is that anyone from any walk of life can make a difference. Can make a positive difference. Even a teenager. 

In 2012, I was a volunteer on the Presidential Campaign for Governor Mitt Romney. I spent about 100 hours of my summer vacation going into my freshman year of high school at the Republican Head Quarters. I called voters, sold t-shirts and bumper stickers, put together signs, and went door to door. I was recognized for that work. I was afforded the opportunity to have breakfast with our Governor, Rick Scott, then with the opportunity to serve as a Messanger in the the State House of Representatives, and then to serve as Political Director for the Florida Federation of Teenage Republicans. Over seeing PR and club services for the largest youth auxiliary for a political party- in the nation. Going on radio shows to spout off about TARs and our work to educate, insipire, and involve young people in this American Expiriment of ours.

In 2014, a special election was held for Florida’s 13th district for the U.S. House of Representatives between Republican, David Jolly, Democrat and Former Gubernatorial Candidate, Alex Sink, and Libertarian, Lucas Overby. The race was on to keep the seat Republican and it was close. So my dad and I drove to Pinellas Country and we went door to door convincing the township why their participation in the special election was imperative to their daily lives. That if they didn’t participate and then things don’t go the way they’d like in Washington, they’d only have themselves to blame because they let someone else decide the future of our nation for them. 

And that is not what this republic is based upon. That is not what our founders died for, that is not why we defended the union in the Civil War, that is not why we defended our allies in the two world wars, that is not why our young men and women defend the promise of America when they’re sworn into the United States Military. It is our civic duty to be involved in any way and every way possible. We owe it to ourselves. We owe it to our neighbors. We owe it to our families. We owe it to those who protect us everyday at home and abroad. We owe it to our future generations. We owe to those who aren’t alive yet, but will feel the effects of what we did. 

After David Jolly’s victory, I interned on Governor Rick Scott’s Re-Election Campaign and did the very same work. Knocking on hundreds of doors, if not 1,000+, and having that same understanding. Will my countrymen and women elect a candidate who works everyday with the people of Florida in mind? Or will they elect a career politician, only interested in reclaiming power? How could I make a difference? I went out door to door getting people registered to vote, getting them to the polls, and getting them educated on the candidates in the race and the issues of the day. In my county, Polk County, we carried Governor Scott by 20,000 votes. The Gubernatorial election was carried by just 70,000 votes. 30% of the Scott victory can certainly be acredited to our efforts. I’m proud of that and I didn’t even get to cast a ballot. But I was apart of the process and I made a difference.

Recently, a young man named CJ Pearson has been making national headlines for being an outspoken young man. He reminds me of… well, me when I was in middle school. I’m equally impressed and proud that young conservatives around the nation have paved the way for youngsters like CJ to become national talking heads. Although he won’t be able to vote in a Presidential election until 2020 or even 2024, he’s an influential person among his peers and elders. 

(Addition: As of December of 2015, JC Pearson has seen fit to follow a different course. Pearson has left the Republican Party, endorsing Senator Bernie Sanders for President. Pearson believes Senator Sanders better addresses the concerns of the African-American Community than the current Republican Field, including the only African-American candidate—Dr. Ben Carson. Bique no longer admires Mr. Pearson as a leader of the Generation and is saddened by Mr. Pearson’s change of heart. But with further study and a better understanding of basic economics, CJ will return to the party of Lincoln and Reagan.)

This is an exciting time to be a Republican. This is an exciting time to be a Conservative. This is an exciting time to be a lover of Liberty. This is an exciting time to be a fighter for freedom and free enterprise. This is an exciting time to be an American. 

And this is my voice. I am ready to take back this great land. I’m ready for revolution. Not a revolution of arms and bloodshed, but a revolution of men, women, and ideals. Ideals that made this country a shinning city upon a hill. Ideals that made America the great nation ever erected by man. 


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