The Case for Rubio

A big thank you to my dear friend, Ryan Quintero for submitting this piece to me.

Marco Rubio, the “American son,” is considered by many to be the party’s most electable conservative, and here is why. Rubio’s background separates him from the rest of the rumored GOP candidates. Being the son of a bartender and maid allows Rubio to understand the struggle and also the opportunity that America has to offer. Upon arriving here from Cuba in 1957, his parents took whatever jobs they could find. As a young boy, Rubio lived through seeing his parents lack the opportunity that he was fortunate enough to have just by being born in this country. In retrospect, it isn’t hard see how a boy from Miami was able to rise through the political echelons in the Republic. It is, simply, the American Dream- rooted in persistence and diligence.

And with that respect, the Republican base will need to adapt to the changing make up of our countrymen, especially the Hispanic community. In 2000 and 2004, George W. Bush was elected president for two terms, receiving an impressive 40% of the Hispanic vote. Unfortunately for Republicans, Senator John McCain and Governor Mitt Romney failed to reach such a mark. 

There’s no doubt that from 2004 to 2016 the Hispanic number of voters have risen tremendously. If the Republicans want to win back the White House in 2016, they will have to win a greater percentage of the Hispanic vote and Senator Rubio could potentially tap into that. If the GOP further embraces cultural diversity, our country will be able to realize the ideals of Ronald Reagan’s “Shining City Upon a Hill” once again.

If Rubio becomes the nominee, he will be able to connect with the Spanish-speaking population of the U.S. via his Spanish linguistic background. During the presidential debate on Univision, the democrat will be asked a question in Spanish by the audience and will need a translator while Rubio would answer the question directly himself.

Senator Rubio’s greatest asset is his articulation and as the Republican debates near, showcasing this talent will help him stand out from the crowded republican line up. This election, like every election, is imperative to the survival of the republic; this election is imperative to the endurance of the founders’ ideals; this election is imperative so that we may abide by the Constitution and never abandon her wisdom. 


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