My Next Step

On Thursday, March 12th, the Junior Class at Harrison School for the Arts will be voting for a representative to go to Washington, D.C. for week as a part of a program called, ‘Congressional Classroom.’ This is sponsored by The Randy Roberts Foundation.

“This program allows a representative from our school to go on an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. to receive a first-hand look at internal workings of the United States government. Students will participate in tours, meet with members of the Cabinet, House of Representatives, Senate and other policy makers, participate in a mock Congress and be hosted by local Congressmen.”

I am to proud to offer myself a candidate for this prestigious trip. I’d like to outline why my peers in the class of 2016 should vote for me:

Since the tender age of five, I’ve had a deep love of politics and government. This love has blossomed and matured as I’ve gotten older. My dad exposed me to the process when he volunteered on President George W. Bush’s Re-Election Campaign in 2004 and then Congressman, Adam Putnam’s campaign and again by taking me to McCain-Palin Rallies in 2008.

By the time 2012 came around, I was ready to get my first whiff of action, volunteering the duration of my summer going into Freshman Year of HS at the Lake Wales Republican Headquarters; where I made phone calls, talked to perspective voters, made rally signs, put together yard signs, made more phone calls, and waved signs on Hwy 60 for the duration of summer on to the election. It was election night 2012 I went to my first “Victory Dinner” yet by 10pm we had left optimistic. Then as me and my old Marine buddy from church, Jerry, drove home, state after state fell to Barack Obama and by the time he dropped me off at home, I was a broken man.

Fast forward 3 months.

Then Polk County Republican Party Chairman, Jimmy Nelson, gave me the opportunity of a life time, to serve as a messenger (delivering mail, notes, and other things) in the Florida House of Representatives 2013 spring session for a week. And when that time came, I was over whelmed with joy and responsibility. Waking up every morning getting the morning paper, a cup of coffee and walking two blocks to the capital was probably the most thrilling experience.

Fast forward to Election Night 2014.

As the evening went on, more people left and just those of us who had put hours of sweat and tears into Governor Rick Scott’s Re-Election Campaign crowded around the computer, listening to Fox News Live stream and keeping tabs on the election statistics. I had dedicated over 250 hours to this campaign – primarily going door to door, talking to voters, giving the them the tools they needed to participate in our great Representative Democracy, getting out the vote aka promoting political efficacy. – Again, just as two years ago, it is 10pm with Governor Scott titer-tottering for 48% against Charlie Crist. But when AP called the election in our favor, a sense of relief and pride overcame me. To know my work made a difference. 

Friends, I’ve dedicated most of my life to politics. The study and participation of politics. Many of you know I intend to make public policy and public service my life’s work. Because I believe in this American Experiment. I believe in man’s ability to self-government. I believe in liberty and free-trade. I believe in our countrymen and their resilience to pull themselves up by the bootstraps when things get tough. And I believe in our volunteer military, one of the most noble professions in protecting thy brother. Being your brothers keeper. These things are what make our Republic 238 years strong.

Send me to Washington, D.C.
Let Mr. Bique go to Washington.


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