Why I Consider Myself a ‘Reaganite’

If you know me at all, you’ll soon find our that I have a deep appreciation of President Reagan. On Instagram, I’m known as @ReaganRevolution and I’d make it my twitter handle too, but it’s too many characters. I was recently accused of not knowing what a ‘Reaganite’ means because of my age. And in the words of President Reagan, “There you go again.”

So, the question is, What Makes Nicholas Bique a Reaganite?

I’ve got a stack of books in my room on the President for Christmas and I haven’t finished them all, but I can tell you why I have them. President Reagan had it right. Big Government is the enemy of liberty. Good intentions don’t mean anything if they have adverse results. I wish government could find the solutions to the woes of our society.

But it can’t.

Government can’t even deliver the mail properly; yet, leading politicians think it can provide Health Insurance to the millions uninsured. Government’s first job is to protect the people, not run their lives. It is by that principal that I believe in small government.

Being a ‘Reaganite’ means working with those across the aisle. President Reagan and Tipp O’Neil became good friends working on tax reform. President Reagan didn’t always get what he wanted, like a balanced budget amendment, but they managed to take off the financial burden off the tax payers.

The key to being a ‘Reaganite’ is optimism. I believe in our cause. This American cause. The cause of peace and freedom around the world. It can only be secured if we keep our chins up in solving the problems our nation faces and will face. President Reagan loved America. He loved the opportunities she offered because her golden gates stood tall, proud, and open to anyone willing to work hard and pull their weight.

I do not believe President Obama loves our country in this same way. He sees an America that is mean and too strong and too wealthy for it’s own good. He doesn’t see the best in our countrymen. He assumes the worst. He isn’t brave enough to call ISIS what President Reagan called Soviet Russia, an Evil Empire.” Former NYC Mayor and 2008 Presidential Candidate, Rudy Giuliani was absolutely right in his assertion towards the President. And I am convinced that no one else but Mayor Giuliani and President W. Bush could’ve seen our nation through 9/11. No one else.

President Reagan believed that a bad day in America only meant that we’d see a better tomorrow. He could always see the sun through the storm, it was just about adjusting the sail. Reagan recognized that success was a result of hard work. There is no such thing as luck. Hard work is essential to success and everything else is a result thereof. It used to be nothing was handed to you in this country. Nowadays, everyone gets a ribbon. That sense of competition, entrepreneurship, ingenuity, and pride isn’t there. There is a culture of entitlement.

President Reagan grew up in what seems to have been a simpler time in America. The days of Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover. Live within your means and work hard today so you will not want for tomorrow. Small Towns and Main Street, USA. When everybody knew everybody and the fellas hung around a shop listening to the salesman tell an anecdote. That salesman was Jack Reagan. Everywhere he worked, people wanted to hear what he had to quip. That’s where Reagan got his niche for acting.

As I have made clear in previous articles and posts, I believe President Reagan and I have many similarities. We are from humble christian families, pretty ok actors, student government members, and both our father’s had diseases. Granted, Reagan’s Father suffered from alcoholism, whereas my father has synovial sarcoma (cancer) in the lung which originated for the right foot. But there is very much so an adversity and turn to God and following Christ.

President Reagan had a gift. When he spoke, you left with a deeper sense of pride and hope for America. Many Americans saw themselves in Ron and Nancy. Just a couple of ham actors in the White House, no intention to diminish the office or the Reagans, but it’s true. In 1960, if you had asked then-actor Reagan if he intended on going into politics, he might have quipped a line from Jimmy Stewart’s Mr. Smith Goes to Washington or Spencer Tracy’s State of the Union, he might have even said, “Politician? Well, I’ve never even played one!” with a laugh.

It is these traits and these beliefs of limited government and peace through strength that make me a Ronnie Reagan Conservative. A 3rd Generation Reaganite.


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