War of 2016

With the recent announc…facebook post from Jeb Bush, many are wondering just how intense this GOP Primary will get. Nothing will ever be as ridiculous as 2012 and nothing as heated as 1976. But with much speculation that Former. Mass. Governor Mitt Romney, 2012 Republican Presidential Nominee, is reinventing himself and is planning third run (much like a certain Ronald Reagan in 68, 76, 80) and second nomination (like then Vice President Nixon in 60 and 68), a primary between candidates who align across the conservative spectrum will be one historians and news commentators will talk about for years to come.


Members of the Tea Party make the case that Republican “moderates” can’t win the Presidency, using Fmr. Sen. Bob Dole in 1996, Sen. John McCain in 2008, and Gov. Mitt Romney in 2012 as their proof.

More so, conservatives have had a difficult time earning respect among “establishment” republicans. The Party has often had two distinctive sects, as of now it is know as the “Establishment” and the “Tea Party” but in the times of Governor Nelson Rockefeller, Governor Ronald Reagan, Senator Barry Goldwater, and Vice President Richard Nixon, it was known as the “Conservative” (Traditionalist) and “Liberal” Wings (Rockefeller Republicans) of the party. Men like Michigan Governor and Father to 2012 nominee and 2016 likely, George Romney were apart of the Liberal Wing and men like the actor turned citizen politician and then Governor of California, Ronald Reagan was a rising warrior for the Conservative Wing’s crusade to take back the party.

Presidential hopefuls like Senators Rand Paul, son of former Congressman Ron Paul, and Ted Cruz are the product of a strong libertarian/fiscal conservative movement within the party in 2010 aka the “Taxed Enough Already” Party – TEA Party. Libertarians have been making their voices known and have hurt Republican and Democrats alike in elections that cane down to just a few points. the section of the party, or third head if you will, will only grow stronger as 2016 grows nearer.

The War To Come

note: as of January 18th, 2015 there are no major official candidates for either party nomination

The Republican Primary for the 2016 Presidential Nomination will most likely spill blood because these party divide will be stronger than ever, with the likes of Governors Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush going up against Senators Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Governors Bobby Jindal (Louisiana), Brian Sandoval (Nevada), Mike Pence (Indiana), Scott Walker (Wisconsin) and the lone Doctor Ben Carson.

2016 will be the year where Moderate Republicans and Conservative Republicans will clash in a way the Party hasn’t seen since 1976 when California Governor Ronald Reagan primaried then sitting President Gerald Ford.

So many Americans are ready for fresh leadership, and both parties seem to only have old dogs to run. Sarah Palin recently beckoned the question “Is Hillary a new Democrat, or an old one?” A good question. Is Jeb Bush a Conservative Republican or a Rockefeller Republican?

Is there anyone else out there? Who can win? Can we win?

In the upcoming weeks you will see profiles on the men mentioned and the issues at hand building up to the first Presidential Primary as a part of the “War of 2016” series


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