Bique for President

Tonight, I am officially announcing my intention to seek the Presidency of the Harrison Arts Council. I am also endorsing Jacob Mitchell of the Theatre Department for Vice President and Jennifer Hill of the Piano Department for Secretary. We are building what we call the “Melting Pot Coalition” which will give voice to students of all ethnic, socioeconomic backgrounds, and will further continue to promote the arts throughout our community and state.

Why is Nicholas Bique Running?

In 2006, I asked to sing Nat King Cole’s “L.O.V.E.” at my grandparents 50th anniversary, and our friends and family alike were impressed with the potential I possessed. Soon after, my late grandmother, Dolores Bique of Winter Haven, signed me up for the Lake Wales Youth Chorale and the Lake Wales Little Theatre’s production of “The Wizard of Oz” and there stated my path into an arts education. And because of her and members in our community, who championed the arts and Arts Education, I auditioned for Harrison.

I want to honor the memory of my grandmother who recently passed away January 7th of this year and honor those in the community who have not just supported me, but all students who have benefited from the great presence of arts in our community, and also to honor my parents Robert and Maria Bique II, who have pushed me to excel in everything I do and whom I love so dearly.

It would be an honor to help facilitate the School’s fall formal and Prom, but I think there is more to be done.

Ground Work for a Melting Pot Coalition

I believe it should be the role of our Arts Council to help promote Harrison functions, work with the parents’ association to help fundraising endeavors alongside the Harrison Departments. I believe I this course of action will help unify our student body and will further enrich our community with the moving power of art. I believe that an Arts Education promotes civics in our community; such time and dedication to a particular craft builds the kind of work ethic sought out by our local business people and colleges across the nation. Harrison students see the everyday commitment and passion their teachers exude.

Each student comes from a different household with a wide range of dynamics. From single parent homes to mixed race families to relative households to adoptive or foster homes – each student has a unique perspective and attends a school where their peers share a particular passion and work together to help fine tune their respective craft. An Arts Education promotes the type of team work you see in the work force. Every student has a vital role to play and when one student shirks their responsibilities or is absent, their department suffers. It is often said their is no “i'” in “team” but there are 3 i’s in “responsibility” and whether you’re working for a Law Firm or performing in the Harrison Jazz Orchestra, it takes personal responsibility on every individual’s part to ensure the success of the whole.

It will take every student at Harrison to ensure that Art will continue to thrive in Florida and around the world as we set an example for what a successful Arts Education can do for a community.

As President, I will promote the work of my peers and provide an unwavering support for them, our school, and the arts community. Together we can enrich our community through art. And in the words of philanthropist Edward W. Bok, we can “make our world a bit better and more beautiful because we’ve lived in it.”


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