Rand Wilkinson: Does He Ever Stop Campaigning?

In 1998, Polk County School Board Memeber, Randy Wilkinson abruptly resigned to seek state office – and since, has ran for every office under the sun – then after a crushing loss in 2010 for Congress as a Third Party Candidate he’s crawling back to the ballot for School Board once again, right where he started.

Over the years he has been identified as a far “right-winger” who wanted to implement corporeal punishment in Polk Middle Schools and has been a Luke warm supporter of Chartered Schools, calling them a “necessary evil” as a result of Public School Failures.

What should Wilkinson say to Deborah Wright? She is currently on the Board. Her husband, prior to his death, was one of the key founders of the Lake Wales Chartered School System which a been has shinning example of the merits to charted schooling.

In a recent interview with Business Voice , Wilkinson called himself a “Very Conservative Liberal.”
What in the world?

Can we trust him?

His behavior leads the Factor to say NO.

•Wilkinson was ARRESTED for assaulting his wife. (2002)
•Wilkinson was ARRESTED for driving under the influence. (2006)

With regard to the DUI, this wasn’t the first time his ability to handle a motor-vehicle had come into question along with his abuse of county vehicles in his reckless “need for speed.”

Attention like this certainly would make a parent shiver if they knew he took a part in the school system.

In 2010, Wilkinson threatened to sabotage fellow conservative Dennis Ross’ election against Democrat Lori Edwards as a “TEA Party” candidate. So, such efforts were made by Newt Gingrich to prevent Wilkinson from splitting the conservative vote and handing a victory to a liberal who would’ve lost in regular R vs D conditions. In the end, only garnering 11% of the vote with a sweeping lose to Ross’ 48% percent.

In Conclusion,
during Randy Wilkinson’s time as a public servant, he has carried himself in an inexcusable way that is not worthy of trust or respect. With that said, he is not fit to hold any form of elected office. And as a School Board Member, he will be an enemy to Charter Schools which preform exceedingly well in Polk and specifically in the Lake Wales Area. I, Nicholas Bique, implore to you, my loyal readers, that you defend the dignity of the institution of education and democracy and keep Wilkinson OFF the school board on August 26th and vote for Hazel Sellers.


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