Bob Dole: A Reflection

Today, we are recognizing- Former RNC Chairman, Congressman, Senator, Vice Presidential and Presidential Candidate- Robert “Bob”

Who is Bob Dole?

After receiving two Purple Hearts in the Second World War, in 1950, Bob Dole ran for political office and continued to be a conservative figure on a national level until the summer of 1996. After the Watergate Scandals that plagued President Nixon and into President Ford’s Administration, newly appointed VP Nelson Rockefeller declined the opportunity to run on the republican presidential ticket in 1976. At the 1976 Republican Convention- one cloaked with unsteadiness in the primaries (Ford v Reagan) -Bob was selected to be Ford’s VP and lost to Carter/Mondale in November.
In 1996 after a long primary season, Dole was nominated by the Republican Party to be it’s Presidential Candidate against Incumbent-President Bill Clinton.
Dole ran alongside Frm. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Jack Kemp, proposing a 15% tax cut and Human Life Amendment outlawing abortion.

Fun Fact!
He is the only person in US History to have been both nominee for President (1996) and Vice President (1976) and lost both respective elections.

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