Return of the USSR?

For these last few years America has had an odd relationship with Russia after the, then new, Obama Administration “reset US-Russia relations” and now in the ever escalating situation in Ukraine, Russia beginning to take startling military actions. This would be a surprise if a certain Republican Presidential Nominee, Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, hadn’t considered Russia to be a Geo-Political Foe.

What’s Russia’s interest in Ukraine?

Natural Gas and Military Bases.

What does Bique have to say?

I’ve got many concerns.
First of all, time and time again Russia has not shared the interest of the United States wether it be: giving NSA whistle blower, Andrew Snowden, asylum to denying their citizens free press and other rights.
So they don’t share our interests and this type of 21st century imperialism through obstruction of the airline travels as there are boots on the ground as the situation develops.
This has me wondering if the USSR might be re-surging.

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