Would MLK be accepted into Today’s Society?

In this age of political correctness, any mummer of religious material, ideology and things of that nature (especially Christian) are refuted by the media. Usually those expressing these words are considered “intolerant”, this is because most religious Doctrines don’t speak favorably to many social issues and aspects of our considerably immoral society; things such as: premarital sex, homosexuality, out-of-wedlock births, and divorce.

So we have an understanding of religions’ place in our modern society.

Here’s my question.

Would Dr. King be accepted by today’s society and media?

Think about it, could a baptist preacher get so far with national recognition and acclaim in our “tolerant” society? How could he get away with praising The Christian God’s name at a historical monument today with the liberal “lap-dog” media?

He wouldn’t

Let me show you a few examples.

Senator Tim Scott (SC-R)
– Devout Christian
– Pro-life
– Pro-Traditional Marriage

Dr. Ben Carson (MI-I)
– Seventh-Day Adventist
– Pro-Traditional Marriage
– Pro-Corporal Punishment
– Politically Incorrect

These are African American Christians, they may not be Priests like Dr. King, but the media can’t stand them.


They practice what they preach.

What about our President?

He’s a Christian, right?

Right, but he’s been very hypocritical of his religion.

The bible talks about not binding yourself to things of the world and being our brothers keeper.

So then why would the President be so determined to invest in Government Aid? Wouldn’t he ask Americans to take these responsibilities?

Wouldn’t he say something to this affect?

We have a long way to go in America. Many of our neighbors are still suffering and I’d be compromising my conscience if I said Government had all the answers. But hear me out: I believe in the generosity of our nation. I believe if we are our brothers keeper that our nation’s prosperity would increase ten fold. I happen to believe in a God that rewards, recognizes and blesses. Not only that but I know that the ingenuity and innovation of the private sector and our religious institutions of every kind could take care of our needy better so than the Government.

~ Mock Barack Obama


If he followed the teachings of bible he wouldn’t support Gay Marriage, but he would defend the Constitutional rights of all Americans.

If the President closely followed the Constitution, then he would advocate government recede from marriage; Because its not in the Constitution.

Hear me out

I’m not questioning our President’s faith, we all fall short of God’s Glory and that’s expected, but there’s an expectation of integrity that should be expected if you’re going to subscribe a specific ideology.

Back to Dr. King

Think about it, could anyone get away referencing to

“That old Negro Spiritual”

Most likely not.

So what’s the Memo, Bique?

How can our media look up to a man who, if he was alive today, they would criticize to oblivion?

The Hypocrisy is intense.
~ Nich Bique

And that’s the memo!

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