Image is EVERYTHING, or it should be..


We are a nation of ideas. An nation that believes every man is

“Created Equal.”

Americans can determine their own destines and they aren’t bound to their social status. A young man or woman born in extreme poverty can make something of himself or herself.

Ben Carson is a good example.

He grew up in a single parent home, now statisticly, we know that young men and women who grow up in sigle parent house holds are much less likely rto be sucessful. But in the Carson household Sonya Carson, Ben’s illiterate mother, refused to let her boys fail in life. She wanted more for them. She pushed them in school and fast forward to today, Ben Carson is the formost authority on child neurology in the world.

Lets talk Bill Clinton Now

His father passed away before his birth and his stepfather was an abusive alcoholic. Although things weren’t exactly ideal, he was in a family setting were he was more likely to thrive. Wether it be in the Arts, his studies, or public speaking. He was track to become President of the United States.

Here’s where Bill loses me

He has a wife, daughter and a world of endless possibilities. And he goes off and has extramarital affairs.

What does that say about his character?

What type of man he is?

And this happens twice!

You know the saying

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

And then putting America through the mockery of an impeachment trial. Maybe he should’ve taken a note from Richard Nixon, whom he would become good friends with, and resigned.

Because doesn’t the American people deserve that? An honorable President? Shouldn’t the standard be raised on ALL of our elected officials?

Now we get the likes of Anthony Wiener and Co.

Wiener: Sexting and running a Mayoral Campaign for NYC all at the same time! Must be exhausting.

Mark Sanford: Marrying Mistress and elected back into politics!

Bob Filner: Sexually harasses women and RESIGNS. Thank God!

This is just to name a few.

But shouldn’t we strive to elect decent men and women who fulfill their duties of Office and the Expectations that should come with it or we oust them next election? Isn’t it as simple as that?


Now that we live in a sexually promiscuous society where extramarital affairs (Kennedy/Clinton) are cool! And who hasn’t sexted like Anthony Wiener aka “Carlos Danger”?

How can we expect our civil servants to be honorable and to be honest, when many Americans lead two faced or promiscuous lives themselves?

What’s the point of having morals if they are only good for Sunday morning, if that anymore?

Everyone’s tired of the normal ‘business as usual’ in Washington. Yet come November people re-elected the same cowards back to office just to complain about them again in the days to come.

So we’ve got to decide wether we want to care. If you want a responsible representatives then you’re gonna have to read the paper, watch the news, go to events and things of that nature. An educated voter is the best type of voter.

“National honor is a national property of the highest value.”
~ President James Monroe


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