Racial Bias in America

Not too long ago, the whole world stopped to listen to the Martin-Zimmerman Case. The “African American Community” took to the streets, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson were outraged. The President of the United States even threw in his two cents

“Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago,” Obama told White House reporters in a surprise appearance at the daily briefing.

He even said this!

“If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,” Obama said

On August 22, as the Huffington Post reports

A WWII veteran who fought at the Battle of Okinawa, where he took a bullet to the leg and continued fighting, was beaten to death by two teens Wednesday night.

He happened to have beaten to death by two African Americans.

Why is there no Outrage?

Where is the President?

Where’s Jesse Jackson?

Where’s Al Sharpton?

Nowhere to be found.

BUT WAIT! There’s More!

Fox News Reported:

Officials say 22-year-old Christopher Lane, who was visiting the U.S. on a baseball scholarship at East Central University, was jogging along a road in Duncan, Okla., after visiting his girlfriend on Friday when he was shot in the back.

Who are the suspects?

Two African Americans and a Caucasian.

But Why?

“For the Fun of it.”


We have this..


“It’s frowned upon.”


No rallies, nothing.

The hypocrisy is intense.

What are you getting at Bique?

The President wants a “National Conversation” on race relations.

Lets Have One.

But he’s got to condemn any violence that’s not in selfdefense. He’s got to promote active parenting. He’s got to bind the nations wounds and let go of our nation’s racial past and look forward (his 2012 campaign slogan) to a brighter and more prosperous future where we all play our part.

We’re practically brothers and sisters. Us in America. We grow up together and experience similar things. And to be degraded to second grade fighting and immaturity is ridiculous. We are supposed to be “One Nation”, I mean we are the United States. Not the Confederate States or the Segregated States or anything else. We lose respect in around the World when we are seen going at odds with each other. What makes us the Land of the Free when our Government tries to dictate certain religious ceremonies and having to argue for the life of an unborn child? What makes us the home of the Brave when thugs kill decorated soldiers, who fought for their freedoms and prosperity, in cold blood? What type of society are we when we can’t see our brothers character past the color of his skin?

Lets have a National Conversation. But lets have an intelligent and unbiased one as well. Lets put our differences and our grievances aside for the better, the prosperity, the unity and moreover, the future of this great nation.

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