Cyber Bullying: WARNING Sensitive Content

I came across this scrolling through my Instagram feed.

Needless to say it sparked my interest.


Now in today’s society, social media has become a major portion of everyday life

I mean, what? You have..





And a new little site

A short synopsis of is an interest-based social Q&A website, launched on June 16, 2010. Users invite questions from other members of the site. The responses can be received anonymously. (Source Wikipedia)

What’s the Buzz?

The BBC reported

“A 14-year-old Leicestershire girl killed herself after being bullied on a social networking site, her father has claimed.

Hannah Smith, from Lutterworth, was found hanged on Friday.

Her father Dave Smith, wrote on Facebook that he found bullying posts on his daughter’s page from people telling her to die.

Latvia-based allows users to post anonymously. An inquest into Hannah’s death has opened in Leicester.

Writing on Facebook last Friday, Mr Smith wrote: “Just to let all my friends know my youngest daughter took her own life last night.”

I use

Let me show you precautions that can be taken for this type of stuff

(Note these are simulated questions)


Now see here, there is a block user and delete question selection.

The young lady who claimed her own life had many opportunities to ignore the “cyber bullying”

why didn’t she?

Sadly no one will ever know. And her family is left to ask that question.

So what’s being done? What can be done?

The BBC reports

The petition states: “Please sign if you would like the Government to step in and insist that and similar sites help us protect our young people. They are able to join from the age of 13 and can post anonymously.”

“Through the UK Council of Child Internet Safety we are working with social networking sites and internet providers to make the internet a safer place for a young people.”

but is there really anything the government can do?

Well there are statues regarding this

( )

What does Bique think about this?

I think that she obviously did not have to take her own life. I’m sure that had she reached out to her family or a concerned adult she could’ve gotten her counseling or someone would have helped her in some sort of capacity.

I send my condolences out to the Smith family. It’s a tremendous loss for their family and I hope that the people who are responsible for the cyber abuse are found and there are consequences for such action.

But let this be a warning to those who get an ask that when you open yourself to an open forum such as ask, you have to be prepared to battle such gross abuse.

I do believe perhaps if there already isn’t some sort of disclaimer that there might be suggestive or abusive content and a liability notice, then those precautions should be taken.

Don’t get me wrong I see the suggestive material that people CHOOSE to respond to.

(These are real and anonymous questions and the identities of those questioned have been kept confidential)






It’s disgusting, sensational and people answer it. For kicks, out of boredom, and people still ask these questions, hiding behind the anonymous questioning.

I’ve even released statements like this to young ladies.


Have any comments, opinions or suggestions?

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