A Changing World

When you see someone, a girl in this case, post things like this on social media

“Society can’t tell you what you are. Because this is the same society that tells you abortion is wrong, but then looks down on you for being a teenage parent…

Governments that preach peace, but endorse wars.”

I felt the need to comment.

“Abortion is wrong because that’s a child’s life, but children shouldn’t be having children. Because they can’t support it on their own and it reflects on their upbringing.

Governments are supposed to protect people (I’m doubting ours right now) and when people drive planes into buildings what are you going to do? Send chocolates and flowers?

I get it, though, your frustration because Compassion is much more powerful than Condemnation.

Luckily there’s something we can do as young adults.

Hold ourselves to a higher moral standard and do the same for our children one day. There’s hope for our world. And it begins with you and me!

Chin up.”

Then it got me thinking..

What is going on with our society?

She has a point. Doesn’t she?

Hundreds of Girls get pregnant before they are married or out of high school.

Luckily the statistics are changing for the better, but it’s no where near where it should be.

And please click that link above.

There’s one statistic that DISGUSTS me as a man.

8 out of 10 teen dads don’t marry the mother of their child.

That. That is wrong.

Let me talk about the Government.

In today’s times, despite whatever actions brought us here, we are the military power of the world and it comes with dire responsibility.

Whether or not you believe we should have such a large military presence, that’s not going to change, but is true?

“Governments that preach peace, but endorse wars.”

Is the Government looking out for us?

Our troops?

We’ve tasked the government with so many things its loosing control.

The IRS harasses citizens because of their political views.
The NSA invades our privacy in the name of security by sacrificing our liberties.
The Supreme Court infringes every religion with a recent ruling on top of disregarding the Constitution on a regular basis.
Our Justice Department is no longer interested in justice and liberty but in political correctness and race biting.
A President who leads from behind, blatantly LIES to the American people and has no integrity whatsoever.
A Vice President who is a total IDIOT.

“three letter word, JOBS J. O. B. S.” Joe Biden

We have a state department that ignores security threats, carelessly letting men die, then shriveling away from our enemies giving them a sense of satisfaction.

Is war abroad the real question?

Seems to me, it roots right here.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Things can change. But it starts with YOU.


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