July 21st, Statewide Day of Prayer for Floridians.

Bold Move? Or Political Suicide?

Yesterday evening, Governor Rick Scott, released a statement declaring this Sunday, July 21, as a Statewide Day of Prayer for Unity.

So what’s Bique’s opinion? I think it’s both.

It’s very bold, in my opinion, of Governor Rick Scott to step out like that, having upset many, to offer prayers for both families involved in the Martin-Zimmerman Trial will defiantly leave a mark on his Governorship.

I also believe this is a double edged sword.

As “bold and unafraid” that is, it might spark some push back and controversy.

The topic of Trial has already sparked a lot of controversy, but that’s an understatement to say the least and it has many taking to the streets and to social media to with their views of the trial. Many accuse racism toward Mr. Zimmerman and many accuse Mr. Martin of being a delinquent.

Some even threaten harm to Mr. Zimmerman. Notably the Black Panther scare.

But tell us how you feel about the Governor’s Proclimation?


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