Why I am Running for Executive Director of FFTARS

This is the statement I made in my decision to run for ED.

“I’m looking to run for the position of Executive Director to ensure we can properly mobilize and strengthen our organization’s presence in the state. I’d keep a constant contact with the clubs and assist them the best I can. Not only that but I would promote our organization to schools. As Executive Director, I would make sure to work closely with the political director to share the positive things we do at FFTARS with others. I believe it is important that we have a closer relationship with starting clubs until they are comfortably mobilized because I know how difficult it can be to gain traction. I give my word if I am elected by my peers I will serve with honor, humility and humbleness. Right now with the transition our party is making, we should do our best to remind our fellow TARS that we have to look forward and put any grievances behind them. As Abraham Lincoln said “With charity to all and malice towards none.””

We have a hard task up ahead and it’s going to take a lot of dedication. 2014 is a critical election following the last Presidential let down. We can’t let that happen again here in Florida. We also must fill our State and Federal Congress with conservatives who are going to kick butt, take names and get the job done. But we can only do this if we have republican majorities.

It’s a team effort and it will take everyone to get this done right.







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